Port’s recycling extended



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Port St Mary Commissioners’ recycling initiative, in which Douglas Council collects recyclable waste at various places in the port on Saturday mornings, will be extended for a year.

The trial began in December and in week one it was used by 41 people. Over Christmas, the numbers dropped to 21 people (on December 21), and rose to 42 people on January 25. 
The amount of paper dropped off has ranged a week from 60kg to 140kg; plastic from five to 40kg; glass from 20kg to 80kg; steel cans from eight to 32; and aluminium cans from two to four. The total amount recycled so far (to February 15) weighs 2,115kg. 
The amount recycled (in reduced refuse costs) equates to £86.89 in 2013 alone; given the rise in waste disposal costs at current levels this will equate to £244.45 by 2018.

Last week, the authority wrote asking the council to extend the trial for a year, but become fortnightly collections (from March 15) and rationalise the rounds, so the vehicle remains longer at more popular spots and does not visit those less well used.

The incentive for reducing waste is soaring disposal charges at the incinerator.

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