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Port St Mary is to get new cardboard recycling skips and is exploring offering free recycling collection to businesses.

Also, thanks to the new recycling scheme’s impact on reducing waste in rubbish bins, the standard round might be completed in one rather than the current two days.

Fortnightly collection of recyclable rubbish began in the village in October.

The authority was ‘overwhelmed’ by the response and said seven to eight tonnes of waste is being collected and sold for recycling each month, so reducing the amount of waste being sent to the incinerator with a saving to the village of around £800 a month.

At their meeting on November 19, the authority agreed to buy cardboard recycling skips, which will go at the recycling ‘bring bank’ locations, and investigate offering free commercial recycling collection to their business customers.

They are also looking into the possibility of reducing their bin round to a single day.

Commissioners’ chairman Bernadette McCabe said: ‘Refuse disposal is the biggest single cost for all local authorities.

‘Recycling is a winner for the commissioners and a winner for the ratepayers. Having had this success over the last two months we are determined to divert even more of our waste from the incinerator. There is a huge amount of cardboard in our waste stream and this, if separated, it can be recycled. It is too bulky to use the domestic recycling boxes that we currently have, but by putting covered recycling skips in convenient ‘bring bank’ locations around the village, we feel sure that people will use them.

‘We also want to support our local businesses by offering them a free recycling service. Once we understand the volumes involved in this we can reduce their waste disposal costs making Port St Mary an even better place to do business. We will be talking with our [Port St Mary] business association once they are through Christmas.’

Clerk Alastair Hamilton said: ‘We are grateful to Douglas Borough Corporation for their help in getting this programme off the ground. Without their experience, encouragement and equipment we would not have come this far.’

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