Pregnant woman escapes unscathed

Kathryn Druggan's car after the crash on Bray Hill, Douglas

Kathryn Druggan's car after the crash on Bray Hill, Douglas

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A pregnant mother from Crosby had a lucky escape when a drink driver smashed head-on into her car on Bray Hill.

Kathryn Druggan, aged 33, who is due to give birth at the end of this month, said she was anxious to use the experience to publicise the dangers of drink driving.

‘He was clearly remorseful and devastated by it so I don’t want to rub salt in,’ Mrs Druggan said.

‘But the one message to take away from this is it seems people are still taking the decision to drink and drive.’

Mrs Druggan, a business analyst and mother of two girls aged two and four, was returning home from a candle and jewellery party when her VW Golf was hit at around 1am on July 27.

‘I think he was just starting to accelerate up the hill when he suddenly veered across the road and straight into us. I don’t know what was going on in his head but the aggravating factor is I’m 34-and-a-half weeks pregnant.

‘We were blessed because the baby was OK but the car was a complete write-off. There was not time for me to react at all it was just so quick.

‘We have friends who live at Port-e-Chee and apparently they heard the sound of the impact from there.

‘If we had been a few seconds earlier I don’t know what would have happened because he might have hit the side of the car and wiped us out. There were no skid marks so I don’t think he braked. He said it was a lapse in concentration, but he gave a positive breath sample.’

Mrs Druggan was taken to the casualty unit at Noble’s Hospital but thanks to the airbags, crumple zones and other modern safety features in her VW, she was not seriously injured.

‘There were people running all around me at the time. Now I’m without a car, though I’m not anxious to get back in one at the moment,’ she said.

Sergeant Allan Thompson of the roads policing unit said he was disappointed to see four arrests over the same weekend for drink driving, despite the government’s summer anti drink drive campaign.

‘These were all late night arrests and ages ranged from the young to the old,’ he said.

‘Four arrests in one weekend is significant and patrols are now tasked with being more vigilant and intrusive when observing the driving of vehicles late at night.

‘If you are caught drink driving, the penalties, even for lower readings, can be life changing.

‘You can expect a ban, a heavy fine and also the requirement to pass an extended test which can take months to complete, effectively extending your ban.

‘These restrictions can have a huge impact on family life and these should be considered before the notion of getting behind a wheel whilst drunk comes to mind.’

The driver of the other car, 20-year-old Paul James Sales of Douglas Street, Castletown, admitted drink driving when he appeared before the Deputy High Bailiff.

He received a 30-month driving ban, was fined £1,000 and must pay costs of £125.

His licence was endorsed and he must also pass an extended driving test before getting his licence back.

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