Public meeting in Peel over Isle of Man toilet tax proposal

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Peel residents have called a requisition meeting about the government’s proposal to introduce a toilet tax.

The meeting will take place on Tuesday (February 11) at the Masonic Hall in Stanley Road at 7.30pm.

Members of the public are invited to attend.

The government plan to introduce a £50 charge for every property or flat from April 1, with it rising to £100 in April 2015.

Chief minister, Allan Bell, treasury minister, Eddie Teare, Water Authority Head, John Houghton and Peel MHK, Tim Crookall have all been invited to attend.

So far, only Mr Crookall has confirmed that he will be there.

A petition with over 6,000 signatures against the tax will be presented at Tynwald later this month by Douglas West MHK, Chris Thomas.

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