Pubs issue festive five-pointer

Drink drive test

Drink drive test

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The Isle of Man’s pubs and hotels are joining together to offer advice on drinking over the Christmas period.

The Licensed Victuallers Association, which represents the majority of the island’s pubs and hotels, have issued a ‘Festive Five-Pointer’ to get through the coming month’s celebrations.

‘We are keen that people enjoy themselves, and we know pretty much everyone is out and drinking more often than usual,’ said Andy Saunders, chairman of the LVA. ‘But there are some risks involved in over-consumption and unsafe drinking practices.’

The LVA’s ‘Festive Five-Pointer’ is designed to help everyone celebrate the Christmas and New Year period without getting in trouble with the law - and hopefully without a hangover the next day.

Andy Saunders added, ‘This is a great time of the year for everyone, but now and again some people spoil it for others, and themselves. We hope our advice will help everyone to have a great time, and to look after each other.’

The LVA ‘Festive Five-Pointer’ suggests . .

• Drink in moderation - it’s more fun and more enjoyable to drink sensibly so that you can spend leisure time with friends and colleagues.

• Leave the car at home - Over the Christmas period, pre-book taxis if you are concerned about getting home safe, or ask the staff in the pub to organise transport for you when you are getting ready to leave; they will be pleased to help you.

• Know your own limits - Don’t drink more than usual, and stick to your limits - and don’t get carried away by other people’s antics.

• Take care of each other - Look after yourself and your friends when drinking; keep an eye on your valuables and each other’s levels of drunkenness.

• Choose your venue carefully - The safest places to drink are public houses and other hospitality outlets, where there are trained, sober and concerned people overseeing the environment.

Andy Saunders said: ‘The Licensed Victuallers all have the public’s enjoyment, safety and well-being at the heart of their operation, and we also work hard to provide vibrant, welcoming and entertaining environments in which to enjoy the festivities.

‘Remember that the staff and management of the hospitality trade are there to make your night out better, but also to act in your better interest sometimes even when you don’t agree.

‘ Please treat them with respect.

‘The Isle of Man Licensed Victuallers wishes everyone a Merry (and safe) Christmas, and look forward to seeing you all in the island’s fine hospitality venues not just at Christmas but throughout 2017 and the years ahead.’

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