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Four pubs in Peel have been angered over a restaurant’s application for a bar licence.

Tartan Group Limited has applied for licence for its Boatyard restaurant in Peel’s East Quay, which prompted a joint letter from the Creek Inn, Filbeys, The Peveril and the Marine Hotel to the clerk to the Licensing Court.

The pubs say in the letter: ‘We are of the view that a further public licence in the area is not warranted, any demand for the same being already satisfied.

‘The quayside enjoys a good balance of facilities for people to enjoy. We believe this balance will be upset if one of the existing eateries changes to, in effect, a public house with an “on” licence.’

Commissioner Ian Davison said: ‘I support the four pubs . There are enough public houses in Peel without another one. The people running them already do a great job. The Boatyard is a fantastic restaurant but it should remain a restaurant.’

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