Pug owner’s horror as pet is attacked by two dogs

Reggie was injured in a dog attack at the Millenium Oak Wood park

Reggie was injured in a dog attack at the Millenium Oak Wood park

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When Wendy Wright took her dog for a walk at Millennium Oak Wood, Tromode, she never imagined it would result in an emergency run to the vet’s after her pug Reggie was set upon by two dogs.

Though the owner wrestled with the dogs and managed to release Reggie from their grip, he didn’t stop or leave any contact address and Mrs Wright said when she mentioned reporting it to the police she got a barrage of abuse.

Reggie the pet dog who was injured in a dog attatck at the Millenium Oak Wood park

Reggie the pet dog who was injured in a dog attatck at the Millenium Oak Wood park

‘I thought I had lost him,’ said Mrs Wright who lives at Snugborough Avenue.

‘He was screaming out in pain and received two bad bite marks then he went quiet and limp.’

She said she saw the two dogs approaching Reggie and tried to pick him up.

‘I saw the dogs running towards us. I was about to take his lead off when I saw them coming.

‘So I tried to lift him up but I was not quick enough and he jumped out of my arms. He ended up with a bad bite with two full top teeth penetration marks.

‘I was trying to keep hold of him as the dogs attacked. It was terrifying when the dog came over to us as I was holding on to Reggie but the dog jumped at me, and when Reggie jumped out of my arms he was easy prey for them.

‘Then the owner got to us and he was trying to pull the dog away. It was awful. I was screaming for someone to help.

‘To be fair he was apologising while it was happening and he was trying to get the dog off . He was doing his best but then he just walked away in the other direction. I don’t blame the dogs, it’s the owner who has to take responsibility.’

Reggie is expected to make a full recovery but Mrs Wright says she is concerned in case it happens again and the next victim is a child or old person.

‘It’s quite common to see old people walking there with their dogs,’ she said.

Reggie was rushed immediately to the nearest vet before Mrs Wright drove round the area to look for the other dog owner who has proved elusive.

Mrs Wright said she had used Google to try to identify the the breed of dog involved and though she could not be certain, the nearest match seemed to be the blue and white Staffordshire bull terrier.

‘I’d like to make it clear I’m not blaming the dogs. It could have been any breed. I can’t even be certain these were Staffies, all I know is I went on the web and that was the nearest match I could find. It’s not about the dogs, it’s about the owner taking responsibility for their animals.

‘Reggie is not himself. It took him three days to venture into the garden.’

Fortunately Reggie is insured or Mrs Wright would have been left to pay a bill for £310 so far, plus follow up medication costs.

Mrs Wright said: ‘I’m just worried it could be a child next time. I’m not blaming the breed for this or saying any one breed is more prone to this sort of thing than another.’

Both dogs involved were white with brown patches. The man was slim, unkempt, 5 feet 10 and smoking a roll-up.

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