Pupils’ fundraising efforts pay off for Filipino families

Children about to take part in a sponsored tree climb

Children about to take part in a sponsored tree climb

Pupils at Scoill Vallajeelt have raised an impressive £1,100 to help families in the Philippines whose lives have been affected by Typhoon Haiyan.

Children on the school council were keen to do something to help after they learned of the destruction and devastation caused by the typhoon in assemblies led by head teacher Adrian Shorthouse.

They organised a number of fundraisers, which saw children taking part in a sponsored tree climb at Sure Ape Mann Adventure Park at South Barrule.

There was also a ‘Wear it bright day’, movie night, collections following the school’s Christmas productions, and children were encouraged to fill Smartie tubes with 20p coins.

The money raised has bought two Shelterboxes, provided by the relief charity ShelterBox.

Each box contains a disaster relief tent for a large family, and essential items for cooking, washing, and to rebuild their lives.

Mr Shorthouse said he was delighted the school council had reached its target and thanked everyone for their generosity, saying: ‘It’s quite amazing what they have achieved in such a short space of time.’

He said the assemblies he had held about the typhoon and its aftermath, had a big impact on the children.

‘I wanted them to appreciate just how devastating this disaster was, and they saw some really vivid imagery.

‘They went home and told their parents and it seemed to resonate with them as well.’

He added: ‘The school council didn’t want it to be a one off thing because the lives of these people are going to be upside down for months, if not years.’

Mr Shorthouse plans to hold another assembly to show the children how they have made a difference.




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