Ramsey commissioners pay tribute to workers’ ‘sterling job’ after floods

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Ramsey commissioners have praised their staff who worked alongside the emergency services in response to the unprecedented flooding that hit the island on December 3.

Men worked late into the evening and began again early the next morning when cleaning up operations got underway, which involved the hiring of a street sweeper and gulley cleaner.

Chief technical officer Steve Harrison said: ‘Our guys did a sterling job. We now need to look at whether we should hire or purchase a street sweeper of our own.’

Graham Jones suggested that while the flooding had caught everyone by surprise, a more rigorous approach to being prepared for such events might be required.

Pat Ayres said the problems at the bottom of Brookfield Avenue/Parliament Square were largely due to the Lickney Stream being blocked by debris, which caused overflowing.

Town clerk Peter Whiteway confirmed that an on-site meeting had since taken place with Department of Infrastructure officers, to discuss future strategy.

Mr Whiteway is among those hardy townsfolk intending to take part in the RNLI’s ‘Chilly Dip’ on New Year’s Day.

The event takes place at 11am, with registration from 10am at the lifeboat station.

Sponsor forms are available through the commissioners’ website or from the RNLI shop or station.

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