Ramsey lifeboat helps stricken Scottish vessel

Photo by Ali Clague

Photo by Ali Clague

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Ramsey’s RNLI lifeboat, the RNLB Ann and James Ritchie, was launched to go to the assistance of a broken-down fishing vessel at 7.20pm on Monday.

Ramsey lifeboat and her volunteer crew launched at the request of Liverpool Coastguard to go to the assistance of a six-metre Kirkcaldy-registered day fishing boat.

The fishing boat was on passage from Peel to Kippford.

The broken down and drifting vessel was reported to be about five miles north of the Point of Ayre. Both of the fishing boat’s crew were unhurt.

Kirkcudbright inshore lifeboat was also launched and a search was co-ordinated by Liverpool Coastguard.

The stricken vessel was eventually found 8.5 miles north-north-west of the Point of Ayre, where Ramsey lifeboat rendezvoused on scene with Kirkcudbright lifeboat.

Initially Kirkcudbright lifeboat took the fishing vessel in tow towards Kirkcudbright.

At this point it became apparent that the long distance and tidal conditions would drastically compromise the inshore lifeboat’s fuel consumption. It was decided that Ramsey’s all weather lifeboat with its greater endurance capability should take the tow to Little Ross Island in the entrance to Kirkcudbright inlet.

At Little Ross Ramsey lifeboat passed the tow back to the inshore lifeboat to safely complete the passage into Kirkcudbright.

Ramsey lifeboat was released at 11.30pm and began her two-hour passage back to Ramsey. She was re-housed, refuelled and made ready for service once again by the early hours of Tuesday and her volunteer crew stood down.

The photograph was taken from Ramsey lifeboat by station mechanic, Ali Clague, and shows Ramsey all-weather lifeboat preparing to take the tow from Kirkcudbright inshore lifeboat.

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