Range of topics aired in today’s Tynwald sitting

Tynwald buildings, Douglas

Tynwald buildings, Douglas

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It’s a shorter than usual question papers at this week’s Tynald sitting.

But a wide range of subjects are covered - from false allegations of child abuse to the times waterworks teams start work on site.

There are just 16 questions tabled for oral answer and a further 11 for written reply.

Speaker Steve Rodan is asking Chief Minister Allan Bell what consideration he has given to introducing legislation to follow Irish law on deliberate false accusations of child abuse and to make such vexatious referrals a criminal offence.

Mr Rodan has previously raised concerns at the high number of childcare referrals to social services in the island.

Juan Turner MLC clearly has issues with the Glen Vine water main renewal project. He has questions down for both oral and written answer to chairman of the new Manx Utilities Authority Alfred Cannan, asking what time of day teams start and finish work on site each day.

Mr Cannan (Michael) will ask Treasury Minister Eddie Teare how many government departments have overspent their budgets in 2013/14 – and how many will carry forward their overspend into the next financial year.

Kate Beecroft (Lib Van. Douglas South) will quiz the Chief Minister over whether the entire Council of Ministers approved the £775,000 cost of bringing in UK consultants to review the national insurance and social security policy.

The Public Accounts Committee has already begun an investigation into whether that cost, for which Treasury concurrence was given but no Tynwald approval sought, is value for public money.

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