Rates on the rise in Michael

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MICHAEL Commissioners’ rates for 2013/14 will increase by 30 per cent.

The old rate was 99 pence in the pound – it will now go up to 129 pence in the pound.

The commissioners’ stated that, during the last year, projects such as the construction of a BMX park for young people and refurbishment of amenities have been started and need to be completed.

The board blames the increase on the additional costs, such as the removal of the £5.7m waste disposal subsidy by government, which will increase refuse costs from households and civic amenity sites.

Michael Commissioners’ state it still represents good value and it is less than half the island average.

Meanwhile, Marown Commissioners have announced its rates will increase from 122 pence in the pound to 134 pence in the pound.

During 2013/14 Marown rates will rise by an average of just over £20 per household for the year, which is around 40 pence a week.

The commissioners’ also state that the waste disposal costs that the government has made, which will cost the parish an additional £20,000, has made it necessary to increase its rates.

Chairman Paul Craine, said: ‘In effect we are holding the rates at the same level as last year but we are having to pass on the extra costs of waste disposal.

‘It was simply impossible for us to absorb this increase. We have good reserves but we operate on a limited income and we have a number of projects that we hope will come to fruition this year.’

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