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OUT OF THIS WORLD: The Isle of Man is well-positioned in the space race

OUT OF THIS WORLD: The Isle of Man is well-positioned in the space race

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‘THE Isle of Man has a successful and diverse space sector made up of both new and traditional space activities,’ said Tim Craine, director of business development at the Isle of Man Government’s Department of Economic Development

‘ManSat was first to establish on the island and is now a leading conduit for orbital filing slots.

‘Satellite operators such as SES, Inmarsat, Telesat and Avanti have a base on the island, whilst two not for profit organisations, namely the Satellite Interference Group and the Space Data Association have now based their global HQs here.

‘The island is also home to Excalibur Almaz which owns four space craft and two space stations which are eventually to be refurbished for full orbital and trans lunar space tourism.

‘Most recently, Isle of Man manufactured optics were incorporated in the Curiosity Martian Rover whose lasers are being used to determine the composition of Martian rocks.

‘Odyssey Moon is an Isle of Man company and is the first formal entrant for the $30,000,000 Google Lunar X-Prize.

The prize will go to the first privately funded team to safely land a robot on the surface of the Moon, have that robot travel 500 metres over the lunar surface, and send video, images and data back to the Earth.

‘The International Space University chose the Isle of Man in competition with major cities around the world for its first ever international institute. As a result, the International Institute of Space Commerce was founded in the island in 2008.

The success of space commerce on the island fits very well with Where You Can and clearly demonstrates what can be achieved from the Isle of Man.’

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