Recycling bins attacked in Peel

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A PERSISTENT vandal has managed to destroy recycling bins in Peel after twice setting fire to one.

Peel police are appealing for information on the criminal act, which is thought to have occurred at some time on Sunday evening or in the early hours of Monday morning.

A passing member of the public noticed a paper collection bin in the Shoprite store’s car park, in Derby Road, was alight at about 7pm on Sunday, and managed to extinguish it by removing and stamping on the smouldering bundle.

He passed the bin again at 10pm and there were no signs of fire.

However, at some point that night the bin was re-ignited, as the fire service were alerted to a blaze at shortly before 1.30am on Monday morning.

A resident had awoken, believing that their landing light was on, and looked out of the window to see four-foot flames raging from the recycling point.

As a result of the fire, one recycling bin was completely destroyed and three others were badly fire-damaged.

Potentially all four will need to be replaced at a cost of around £400 per bin.

A vehicle parked nearby was also caught by the flames. The fire service was able to find the owner to move the vehicle, ensuring damage was limited to the front bumper and headlight.

The resident who alerted the fire service believes that the blaze had not been established by the time they were going to bed at around midnight.

Police say they are eager to speak with anyone who has any information that will assist in bringing the person or persons responsible for this crime to justice.

Please call Peel police station on 842208 or Douglas police headquarters on 631212. Alternatively a call can be made via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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