Red alert: Risk of flooding as weather worsens

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Weather forecasters say we should be prepared for more flooding as they upgraded their warning to ‘red’.

The Met Office at Ronaldsway says it will be mostly dry with sunny intervals today, with maximum temperatures reaching 10 Celsius.

Weather forecasters say we should prepare for flooding

Weather forecasters say we should prepare for flooding

But spells of heavy rain will develop this evening.

Very heavy rain is expected overnight with totals of 20mm to 40mm possible, with 60mm to 100mm over the hills.

The worst of the rain is expected between midnight and 9am tomorrow.

Weather forecasters say there is a risk of flooding in some inland locations.

Tidal flooding is most likely in Castletown and Carrick Bay

Tidal flooding is most likely in Castletown and Carrick Bay

Current indications are that the north of the island will experience the worst of the rainfall.

Gale or severe gale southerly winds around the time of high tide, 2.15am tomorrow and south-southwest winds at 2.30pm tomorrow will cause significant waves and debris to wash onto exposed promenades.

Areas affected Castletown Promenade, Carrick Bay, Chapel Beach in Port St Mary, the northern end of Douglas Promenade and Laxey.

They will be worse affected than was previously believed, weather forecasters said after revising their predictions.

The new tidal warning map, issued this afternoon

The new tidal warning map, issued this afternoon

A police spokesman said: ‘If you have been prone to flooding in the past please consider the use of sandbags but only take as many as you need and only if you think you will need them. Sandbags can be found at the Ginger Hall, Sulby, and all fire stations.

‘We are working with all our partners to respond as necessary. The Manx Utilities Authority has checked culverts and drains, the Department of Infrastructure has been placing sandbags in areas around the island and have staff working. Civil Defence are available to turn out if required. The fire service, police, ambulance service, Civil Defence, Department of Infrastructure and the Manx Utilities Authority are all working to keep you safe.’

He added that the public could help the emergency services.

The police’s advice:

Help keep demand down by keeping calls to services to a minimum BUT DO call up to report dangerous or significant issues.

Don’t travel unless you need to.

Secure any loose items in your gardens (eg trampolines).

Get sandbags if you need them.

Tomorrow will see heavy rain at first, with difficult driving conditions and still some flooding until mid morning.

But it will be mostly dry from mid morning with bright intervals and just a few showers.

The wind will ease for a time in the morning then increase to gale or severe gale again early afternoon easing during the evening.

Thursday will be mostly dry although a few scattered showers are possible especially early in the afternoon, but these will die away by evening with temperatures reaching up to 9°C at best.

It will be breezy with a strong south or southwest wind.

Click here to see the government’s flood watch page

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