Renovations set for 343 homes on estate

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A total of 343 houses are to be refurbished on the Willaston estate over the next five years.

Douglas Council’s housing committee chairman David Ashford said the scheme, which will cost £9.1 million, spread over the five-year period, would give certainty to residents.

‘We’ve had people saying there’s no money any more and thinking the scheme has come to a halt so this will reassure them that work will continue,’ he said.

The Willaston estate is the largest council estate in the Isle of Man, with 746 properties so the work will affect almost half the properties on the estate. The next phase of work (phase two) will concentrate on 36 properties. Work on those is expected to begin in October this year then subsequent phases will be timed to overlap so the next is beginning as the previous one is ending.

The cost of the phase two work is expected to be £1.63 million, with design fees. Each property will have £26,000 spent on it, with chimney stacks removed, roofs replaced and outerwalls removed and rebuilt to cure persistent damp problems. Tenants will be accommodated in empty council properties while the work is done.

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