Report a stolen phone as soon as you can, experts advise



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Government-paid officials are giving advice to people about what they should do to stop mobile phone theft and unauthorised use.

The Communications Commission recently updated its website with information about the issue and the importance of immediately reporting a lost or stolen phone to mobile phone providers.

The commission says that Manx consumers should be aware that they may be held responsible for any charges incurred on a lost/stolen phone until the phone is reported lost/stolen to their mobile provider (Manx Telecom or Sure).

A spokseman said: ‘While such crime is relatively rare on the island, Manx residents are not immune, especially when travelling.

‘There have been cases of people travelling abroad where criminals generated charges of more than £10,000 on a stolen phone in just 24 hours.

‘Any delay in reporting your phone lost or stolen could make a difference.’

Chairman of the commission Juan Watterson MHK said: ‘Mobile phones are increasingly comparable to debit/credit cards, and should be protected as such. Protect your phone with a hard-to-guess SIM PIN and handset password; don’t leave your phone unattended, particularly when travelling overseas; and contact your phone provider as soon as you suspect your phone is lost or stolen.’

The commission provides advice on its FAQ page here and detailed guidance here.

Consumers should also visit their phone provider’s website for more information on protecting their phone. To report a phone lost or stolen, Manx Telecom customers should call 624624, and Sure customers should call 247247.

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