Research on fishing fleet

Fishing boats in Peel Harbour

Fishing boats in Peel Harbour

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Researchers will next week visit the Isle of Man as part of an economic survey into fishing.

‘Seafish’, the UK’s seafood authority, will be carrying out its 11th annual economic survey of the UK fishing fleet and it’s the first time the Isle of Man has been included.

Although the island is not in the UK, the shipping fleet here is officially part of the UK fishing fleet.

Seafish’s researchers will be also be surveying other key ports in Fife, North West England and North Wales.

Over the summer months Seafish researchers will visit ports to speak to vessel owners and skippers from all sectors of the industry to collect data on fishing and vessel costs.

By gathering this information Seafish economists will then be able to build a picture of the UK fleet’s economic performance.

According to a statement from the organisation, the results, to be published in 2016, are intended to guide industry and policy makers understanding of the socio-economic consequences of changes to fisheries management measures in addition to the wider financial climate.

Tom Pickerell, technical director of Seafish said: ‘The more vessel owners that take part, the more robust the results will be.’

All information provided is confidential and no individual vessel figures will be revealed.

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