Retiring head’s delight at students’ A-level success

Bronte Wright with headteacher Andrew Cole

Bronte Wright with headteacher Andrew Cole

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For retiring Castle Rushen High School head teacher Andrew Cole, Thursday was the last time in 38 years that he watched students picking up their A-level results.

‘I’ve got quite mixed emotions but I’m delighted so many students have got exactly where they want to be,’ he said.

‘I have really enjoyed 
my time in the teaching 
profession for its 
excitement, unpredictability and seeing children 
move on.

‘My passion has been moving children on to the next step of the path so it’s rewarding to see lots of 
them taking that step today.’

He said staff at the school comprised a strong team.

‘I am very proud of 
the support 
we have been able to give them through the team we have got here,’ he told the Examiner.

But he described the exam system as being ‘quite archaic’.

Next year, Mr Cole will be involved in education through the 
DEC and Department of 
Economic Development’s 
Career Academy.

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