Review of health services finds a number of failings and some positives

Noble's Hospital

Noble's Hospital

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The Manx health service is failing in a number of areas, independent inspectors have found.

The West Midlands Quality Review Service has published its sixth report as part of the external reviews of our health services.

Howard Quayle MHK

Howard Quayle MHK

The areas in which it expressed concerns included:

Privacy and dignity and infection control risk in the dialysis unit at Noble’s Hospital

Screening for atrial fibrillation in stroke patients

Treatment for patients with suspected stroke at weekends, which was inadequate

Waiting times for ultrasound scans, which were six month

Appropriateness of on-island facilities for children in need of acute inpatient mental health care

Testing procedures for staff alarms

The risk of ligature points in Grianagh Court

Heating system in Grianagh Court

Inspectors visited the island in April.

Among the areas inspected were Noble’s Hospital’s renal, stroke and imaging services; Ramsey and District Cottage Hospital’s inpatient care (Martin Ward), the minor injuries unit, and the operating theatres; Mental health service: inpatient care for older people (Grianagh Court), crisis response and home treatment, and community mental health services; Adult community nursing.

The review details good and poor practice and the Manx health services respond in the report.

Reviewers assess different areas.

For instance, renal services at Noble’s Hospital were ‘not fit for purpose’ the review concluded.

‘The dialysis unit was, in essence, a thoroughfare for people, including patients going to the clinic.

‘Patiends on dialysis could be observed and conversations in the clinic could be overheard.

‘The clinic room was an office with a couch and, was used for multiple purposes and was not properly cleaned.’

The reviewers said there was an immediate infection risk.

The Manx health services has taken action to try to improve matters.

Minister for Health and Social Care Howard Quayle MHK welcomed the findings of the report, which has the highest level of compliance with the quality standards of any of the reports to date.

He concentrated on the postives in the report.

He said: ‘Once again the findings of this latest review demonstrate that there are many aspects of our healthcare services the community can be proud of, but that there remains room for improvement and opportunities to learn.

‘A common theme since the first report in April 2014 is praise for staff. Each report has noted their dedication, professionalism and compassion – demonstrating the commitment of our workforce and their desire to ensure that good quality care for patients is at the core of everything they do.

‘It is important that we continue to learn from the findings and recommendations of the report and use these to carefully assess future service developments against our finite resources and the objectives of our five-year health and social care strategy.’

Some of the highlights in the report include the Martin Ward at Ramsey and District Cottage Hospital where reviewers found ‘staffing levels were high and staff were working collaboratively to deliver high quality care’. The hospital’s minor injuries unit was also praised for its high patient satisfaction and short waiting times.

The adult community nursing team was recognised as a well-led team with ‘motivated, enthusiastic staff’.

At Noble’s Hospital reviewers noted patients’ perceptions that renal services had improved considerably and that the ‘nurse staffing ratio on the dialysis units was very good’.

The stroke service was recognised for its ‘significant developments over the previous 10 years’, as well as its enthusiastic team and strong leadership.

The reviewing team also noted the work taking place to develop a single stroke unit for acute care and rehabilitation. Radiology services were found to be ‘well-organised, with a forward thinking management team’ and well-equipped with a good asset replacement programme for equipment.

The mental health service’s staff were praised, with reviewers finding highly skilled staff ‘willing to “go the extra mile’ to provide good care” and a ‘good strategy… which had led to a good understanding of the gaps in service and the challenges faced’.

Read the report in full here

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