Roads closed as rain pours

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TONIGHT’S heavy rain has caused problems in a number of areas in the island.

A landslide has led to the closure of the road between Lower Foxdale and the Hope crossroads.

It will be 8am tomorrow at the earliest before the road is re-opened.

The road between Braaid and St Mark’s has also been closed. Access is for residents only, the police say.

The Glen Darragh road in Glen Vine has now closed due to deep flooding. It is closed from Marown School to Braaid roundabout.

There are large puddles in the west of the island. Ballacraine, Poortown, Glen Helen, Handley’s Corner and Orridale in Kirk Michael have been affected.

Elsewhere, there is a lot of standing water on many roads in the island.

There are large pools of water on the road between St Mark’s and Ballasalla, for example.

Police say drivers should slow down.

The Department of Infrastructure is currently dealing with flooding at the following locations:-

· Gansey, Shore Garage area

· Strang crossroads

· Braaid to St Mark’s (Road Closed)

· St Mark’s, Knock-y-Vriew area - severe flooding

· Cooil Road, Business Park roundabout

· Main Road, Union Mills – severe flooding

· Glen Darragh to Braaid – (Road Closed) due to severe flooding

· Colby Glen area, severe flooding

· Archallagan Road / Lhoobs – severe flooding

· Lower Foxdale to St John’s

· Fishers Hill, Gansey area

In addition, the police say that there are problems in Colby, Santon, the Hawthorne area of the main Douglas to Peel road, the Archallegan road (which is impassable), Richmond Hill, Ballamodha, Glenneedle Road, Slieau Whallian road, Leigh Terrace on the Old Castletown Road in Douglas and the bottom of Fishers Hill.

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