Roads closed due to snow and ice

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SNOW and icy conditions are still causing problems for motorists this evening.

A number of roads are closed.

The Snaefell Mountain Road between Ramsey Hairpin and the Creg-ny-Baa opened for a short time yesterday afternoon but was closed a few hours later. It will be remain closed till 5pm tomorrow at the earliest.

The scene on the mountain right now

Roads leading to the Mountain Road will also be shut till 5pm tomorrow at the earliest.

These include the Brandywell Road, Sulby Glen Road, Beinn-y-Phott Road and Injebreck.

A Department of Infrastructure spokesman said: ‘A large percentage of the network has been treated today (Monday) however, the situation will be carefully monitored overnight with gritting teams on stand-by to respond as necessary.

‘Teams will be delpoyed onto the Mountain Road tomorrow (Tuesday) morning and will try to get it open as soon as possible.

‘The road still has significant amounts of snow on it, with snowfall between 200 & 300mm in places and drifts up to 1.2m deep.

‘The department would like to thank the public for their patience, it what has proved to be an extremely busy period over the past few days.’

The roads currently closed include:

The road between Barregarrow crossroads and the Brandywell junction on the Mountain Road

The Tholt-y-will road between Sulby and the Bungalow

The West Baldwin road between Brandywell cottage and Injebreck

The Shoulder Road between Foxdale and Ballakillowey (including the Sloc)

The Ronague to Round Table Road between Foxdale and the Round Table

The Druidale Road between Brandywell Cottage and Ballaugh

The Stockfield Road between the Staarvey and Peel Coast Road and the road leading from the Staarvey to the Switchback, until tomorrow morning at the earliest.

The Dalby Road between Round Table crossroads and Patrick

Greenway road from Laxey to Windy Corner is currently closed to vehicles

However, the Creg-ny-Baa Back Road and the Ballaeigh Road between Barregarrow crossroads and Peel Coast Road have re-opened and are passable with care.

Richmond Hill was closed between Fort North roundabout and Mount Murray Back road earlier.

A tanker got stuck in the snow.

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