Ronan is new government minister

Richard Ronan MHK

Richard Ronan MHK

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A new member is to join the Council of Ministers.

Castletown MHK Richard Ronan has been appointed as the new Environment, Food and Agriculture Minister.

Old hand Phil Gawne (Rushen) takes over at the Department of Infrastructure, while Laurence Skelly gets the big job at the Department of Economic Development.

The reshuffle has come after John Shimmin resigned from Economic Development over the Sefton loans affair.

Mr Shimmin (Douglas West) left the Council of Ministers 13 days ago.

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Chief Minister Allan Bell made the announcement about the ministerial shake-up late this morning..

Mr Skelly, who succeeds John Shimmin MHK, had more than two years’ experience as a member of the Department of Economic Development before his appointment as Minister for Infrastructure in March this year.

Mr Skelly is succeeded as Minister for Infrastructure by Phil Gawne MHK, who moves from his role as Minister for Environment, Food and Agriculture.

Mr Gawne is returning to the Department of Infrastructure having been Minister there in 2010 and 2011.

Joining the Council of Ministers as successor to Mr Gawne as Minister at the Department for Environment, Food and Agriculture, where he has been a member, is Richard Ronan MHK.

The Chief Minister said: ‘As I have said before, it is vital that we maintain continuity and momentum in developing the island’s economy so it is good that the new Minister at Economic Development is someone with recent and significant experience as a member of the department.

‘Mr Gawne too is returning to a Department of which he has previous experience, so he understands the background of many of the issues that Infrastructure is dealing with.

‘Mr Ronan has shown dedication and commitment working for Government in a number of roles, and I am pleased to welcome him as a new member of the Council of the Ministers.’

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