Round the world cyclist’s dreams are shattered

Paul Ashley-Unett

Paul Ashley-Unett

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A PEEL man who hoped to break a world record by cycling around the world in the fastest time has had his dream dashed due to injury.

Paul Ashley-Unett, 29, took off from Douglas in February on the ‘ultimate endurance test’ in the hope to raise 29,000 for two charities.

Sadly his hopes of breaking the current record of 106 days came to an end today (Thursday, May 24).

The architecture student, of Ballwattleworth Estate, Peel, announced the news that the 18,000 miles cycle ride had come to a end, via a social networking site.

Paul updated his status to say: ‘I’m sorry to say that I am no longer able to continue my cycle around the world due to an injury I first picked up in America which I haven’t been able to get rid of since. Therefore Perth is my final destination. Thank you to everyone who has supported me this far and all the messages I have received, they have been very much appreciated.’

The cyclist’s journey would have taken him through 14 countries, they would have been England, France, Spain, Portugal, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany and the Netherlands.

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