Sales given the boot from car park

Shaw's Brow car park in Douglas

Shaw's Brow car park in Douglas

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Charities can no longer hold car boot sales at Shaw’s Brow Car Park, Douglas Council has agreed.

It comes after a three-month trial to allow charities to use level three for a car boot sale on the last Sunday of January, February and March, was unsuccessful.

The main aims were to raise awareness of the car park’s location to increase use on Saturdays, and raise awareness it’s free to park on Sundays.

But it was noted that the results were ‘inconsistent and inconclusive’ with an increase in the car park’s usage not always leading to increased footfall in the town centre.

In each case though, the charities were pleased with the results of their fundraising.

A number of councillors expressed their disappointment that the car boot sales couldn’t continue.

Environmental services committee chairman Ritchie McNicholl said each car boot sale cost Douglas Development Partnership about £100 in event management fees.

He said if they were to be reintroduced it would be in the winter.

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