Seagulls are a ‘serious’ issue, politicians hear

Seagulls are an increasing menace, some believe

Seagulls are an increasing menace, some believe

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Seagulls are becoming a serious problem in Ramsey.

Last month (July), the commissioners received three separate complaints from members of the public who sustained injuries to the head in attacks by the birds in the vicinity of Parliament Square and Taubman Street.

Commissioner Alex Allinson told the monthly board meeting: ‘It is a very real problem, especially in the breeding season when the birds get very territorial.

‘We live in a seaside town and they are, after all, seagulls, but people should be discouraged from feeding them.’

Commissioner Graham Jones suggested that a leaflet should be distributed to every household, with the message that people should not feed them – or do anything that may attract them.

‘It’s not just about feeding the seagulls, it’s making sure that waste bins are emptied and food is not left out for them,’ he added.

Last week it was reported in our sister paper the Manx Independent that ducklings were rescued from Silver-dale lake after they became targets for seagulls.

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