Search for short stories to celebrate Year of Culture

Manx Flag flying in a stiff wind

Manx Flag flying in a stiff wind

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Priory Press, a Ballasalla-based publisher, is looking for 12 short stories for a new collection to celebrate the island’s year of culture.

They must be fiction but based around one month of the Manx year, be set around a local myth, legend, historical fact or piece of folklore (even an old saying will do) and have a twist in the tail.

The company is looking for a story which has originality, style and a certain amount of black humour which will please its growing worldwide fan base.

The stories should be around 2,000 to 5,000 words in length, not have been published in any other format by anybody else and sent as a simple Word document attachment.

All of the accepted stories will be published by Christmas 2014 and each writer will receive a small royalty.

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