See the moment best man is hit on head by metal bar

THIS was the moment best man David Lewis was hit on the head by a metal bar which snapped off from a church bell.

Wedding photographer Simon Park was aiming to get some memorable wedding pictures as the happy couple Robert Coole and Caroline Kennaugh left Malew Church last Saturday.

But he never expected to see the drama that unfolded as the best man was left doubled up as the two foot long iron bar cracked him on the back of the head.

>> Best man struck by iron bar at bloody wedding

25 August 2009

Mr Park, who runs his own photography business, stopped taking photos immediately after the incident as it looked as though Mr Lewis had been seriously hurt.

Although the best man ended up covered in blood, he suffered no serious injuries and was in and out of hospital within an hour and immediately went to the wedding reception at the Villa Marina in time to give his speech.

His suit had been covered in blood but he was given a new one by Douglas tailor Jonathan Daniels.

At the reception Mr Lewis had time to show off his new scar to groom Robert Coole.

iomtoday sought permission from the bride and groom before Mr Park released the photos for publication.

Bridegroom Robert Coole was deputy head at Murray's Road School in Douglas until last term, but will be taking up the post of deputy head at Anagh Coar Primary School in Douglas when he returns from honeymoon.

Just before the bride and groom led the procession out of the church some children from Murray's Road School sang a song for the happy couple.

Moments later the Reverend Michael Roberts pulled on the rope to ring the church bell when a metal bar attaching the rope to the bell snapped.

'While the incident was awful we were all thankful that it wasn't much worse,' said Mr Roberts. 'It was shocking that it should happen at all but I'm just thankful that it didn't cause more serious injury or hit one of the children.'

He described the incident as an 'act of God' but added that there was a regular safety inspection of the church.

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