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Our report about the lawyer’s description of the government’s Sefton Group loans as not lawful was the most-read story on our site last week.

As soon as the story broke, our site got much busier as readers wanted to find out more.

The second most-viewed story, originally broken by the Isle of Man Examiner on last week’s front page, was about an exam being interrupted by music.

That story even beat the resignation of government minister John Shimmin.

Around 150 stories are uploaded every week to

The top ten last week were:

1. Sefton loans were not lawful 8,182

2. Anger after Disney party disrupts A-level exam 4,818

3. Shimmin falls on his sword after all 4,250

4. Government considering charging for on-street parking 4,087

5. Sales given the boot from car park 3,507

6. Billionaire’s planning application provokes anger 3,227

7. Two police stations to close in cuts 3,015

8. Residents oppose billionaire’s wind turbine plan 2,718

9. Group set up to investigate property blight homes 2,306

10. Glen Helen road to close for roadworks 2,153

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