Sewage plant for Peel brought forward?

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IT may be possible to bring forward the construction date for the Peel sewage treatment works, MHKs have been told.

Questions about the location and timescale for a new regional treatment works to serve Peel were raise in the House of Keys by Liberal Vannin leader Peter Karran (Onchan).

In his reply, Water and Sewage Authority (WASA) chairman John Houghton said two sites were currently under consideration as part of a feasibility study – the land currently zoned for industrial development between Glenfaba Road and the old railway line, and Knockaloe Farm.

Mr Houghton said that the recently commissioned feasibility study will consider the whole of the Knockaloe Farm site to determine the suitability, availability and cost of using a portion of the land as a potential site for sewage treatment.

In a separate written reply, the WASA chairman said the construction of the Peel sewage treatment works currently forms part of phase 2 of the Regional Sewage Treatment Strategy, which subject to Tynwald funding, will take place between 2018 and 2023.

But he added: ‘It may be possible to bring forward the date for construction of the Peel sewage treatment works if the construction costs can be contained within the overall Tynwald approved budget for phase 1 of the strategy.

‘In consideration of this, Peel Commissioners have requested the authority to undertake a feasibility study to determine the most cost effective and environmentally sustainable solution for treating the sewage generated by the Peel sewer catchment.’

Phase one of the Regional Sewage Treatment Strategy was approved by Tynwald in April 2011.

Mr Houghton said planning approval for the new works will be sought through the normal planning process.

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