Short film on Manx sheep farming is a winner

A still from the film

A still from the film

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A short film extolling the joys of sheep farming in the island has won the National Sheep Association’s (NSA) film competition.

The documentary, made by Krista Magee, features Manx farms, focussing mainly on BallaKarran in Union Mills and will be shown at the farm’s stand at the Royal Manx Agricultural Show, tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday.

‘When we, at BallaKarran, saw the film competition advertised in The Sheep Farmer, we knew that it was something that we could be a part of,’ said Janette Qualtrough, who runs the farm with her husband Will. They wanted a film to use on promotional stands, she said.

‘Farming is very much a rewarding way of life, although difficult at times, there are so many different life skills that you gain from it and can teach your children. The competition asked for a film to promote new farmers into the sheep industry and to show how beautiful your part of the UK is.

‘The Isle of Man is such a beautiful place to live, it was easy to show off how outstanding it is.

‘Will is a first generation farmer and the competition seemed appropriate for us to get involved in, to help the NSA show what can be achieved with some hard work, motivation and commitment.’

They approached Krista about making the film, She said: ‘It’s them (farmers) that we have to thank for taking care of our beautiful island. Not to mention the fact that they are growing and rearing our food supplies ... I’ve never really understood the comparison of why bankers get such enormous bonuses when farmers do such important work ... When BallaKarran introduced me to the competition, I couldn’t wait to work with them and their family to try to highlight the hard work that they and other farmers put into our community.’
Krista thanked Janette and Will, also Pentti Christian and John Quayle of Glen Lough, for their help.

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