Silence the forums - Corkish

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A BACKBENCH MHK has called for internet forums to be shut down for making ill-informed criticisms about government.

Geoff Corkish (Douglas West) told Tynwald in the Budget debate: ‘Times are hard but the outlook is not all doom and gloom. There are as they say lots of green shoots.

‘We are apt to criticise and even run ourselves down. That’s easy to do from the inside, helped along I have to say by ill-informed forum sites who in my opinion should be shut down.’ ‘That’s another road to go down, he added, his words prompting a supporting ‘hear. hear’ from other Tynwald members.

‘My advice to these people is go outside , take a look from the outside in, and see what we have here and appreciate what we have,’ Mr Corkish said.

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