Snaefell mountain hare sports its white winter coat

Mountain Hare on the slopes of Snaefell

Mountain Hare on the slopes of Snaefell

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With its snowy white fur coat and a brown patch on its face resembling a balaclava, this mountain hare certainly looks dressed for a harsh Manx winter.

It was caught on camera on the slopes of Snaefell by one of our reporters. The mountain or blue hare is one of only three animals in the British Isles that turns white in winter – the others being the stoat and the ptarmigan, a grouse found only in the Scottish Cairngorms.

It is smaller and with shorter ears than the more common brown hare.

It was originally native to the island but died out before being reintroduced in the 1950s.

Mountain hares can be seen on many of our northern hills.

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