Sparky the seagull to fly again after wire rescue

The seagull is rescured from the overhead wires

The seagull is rescured from the overhead wires

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Two Manx organisations joined forces to rescue an injured seagull after it became trapped in Port St Mary.

Manx Utilities and the ManxSPCA used their skills to rescue the bird after it became trapped in overhead wires.

Margaret Mansfield, of the Manx SPCA, said the seagull had been in contact with a discarded fishing hook which had become lodged in its wing. The hook also had a weight attached to it which had caused serious damage, needing veterinary attention.

After the authorities were alerted the bird was rescued by workers for Manx Utilities who used a cherry picker hoist to reach the overhead wires.

‘Members of the public watched the rescue and it was a great example of the Manx SPCA working with other organisations to protect the island’s wildlife,’ Mrs Mansfield said.

The bird, appropriately nicknamed Sparky, after its encounter with the cables, was taken by Adrian Cannell, the Manx SPCA’s welfare officer to the Milan veterinary practice.

‘He had to have an operation to remove the hook from his wing,’ Mrs Mansfield said.

‘After the operation and post-op care, he was taken to the aviary at Ard Jerkyll where we expect he will stay for the next couple of weeks to recouperate.

‘There were several members of the public watching who will be relieved to know the happy outcome of Sparky’s adventure and that he will live to fly another day.’

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