Stacey was at rock bottom until she got in contact with Housing Matters charity

Contacting Housing Matters changed Staceys life

Contacting Housing Matters changed Staceys life

Living in a warm, safe, loving home is never more important than at Christmas.

Over the festive season, Isle of Man Newspapers is taking a look at the work of Housing Matters, the housing charity in the Isle of Man, focussing on the stories of several people it has helped to turn their housing situation and lives around.

Stacey (whose name we have changed for this article) found herself in a women’s refuge in the Isle of Man after fleeing an abusive relationship shortly after the birth of her second child.

She spent several months in the refuge, sharing one room with her two children.

Her name was on the housing register but after being advised of a potential three-and -a-half year wait for a suitable house, there was no end in sight. She admits to being at rock bottom.

‘It was depressing,’ said Stacey. ‘I didn’t know what to do.’

At a meeting with the Department of Social Care, she was given the details of Housing Matters and Stacey’s luck started to change.

‘Before I met Jo [Chapman] at Housing Matters, I had no idea that renting privately was an option for me,’ said Stacey.

‘It was the practical advice that was so important.

‘Jo ran through my finances, explained how much I had each month and showed me what I could get for that.

‘She gave me the confidence to aim for what I wanted. Just four days after that meeting, I had found a house and I absolutely love it.’

Stacey added: ‘It was such a relief to meet Jo.

‘She just talked to me like an adult. She gave me respect. She wanted to help, but she didn’t waste my time – we just got on with it. She was so kind to the kids, too. If it wasn’t for that meeting, I might still be in the refuge. I don’t even want to think about that.’

Stacey is now looking forward tospending a family Christmas in her new home.

‘Now I’ve got my own place, somewhere I can feel safe again, I can start rebuilding my life,’ she said. ‘It’s great to get the Christmas decorations up for the kids. For me it marks the first year of our new lives. I’m so excited.’

When asked whether she would recommend the services of Housing Matters (formerly Kemmryk) to other people facing housing difficulties, Stacey doesn’t hesitate.

‘Yes. Of course. I can’t think why anyone wouldn’t use them.

‘They are so friendly, so accessible. It’s great to have the service in the Isle of Man.’

Housing Matters is a charity that gives help, advice and support to people having difficulties with their housing situation in the Isle of Man.

To speak to someone in confidence about your housing situation, contact Jo on 675507 or email joanna.chapman@housingmatters.im

Housing Matters is funded entirely by charitable grants and donations. To make a donation, visit www.housingmatters.im

While ‘Stacey’s’ name has been changed to protect the identity of the client. All other details are true to life.




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