Stray dogs on loose during TT practices

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Owners of pets and animals are being urged to be vigilant during the TT period after a number of stray dogs had to be collected during practice week.

The police and the ManxSPCA issued a statement at the weekend reminding people to make sure animals are kept securely.

The statement read: ‘The ManxSPCA and the Isle of Man Constabulary would like to urge all dog owners and owners of any domestic pets or agricultural livestock, adjoining the TT Course to be extra vigilant in securing their animals during the TT period.

‘The dog warden service of the ManxSPCA has dealt with 11 stray dogs at varying points on the course during practice week since May 28, all during the road closed period.

‘In total 19 dogs island-wide have been collected, some having been missing for several hours.

‘Owners are reminded that if prosecuted they are liable to a fine not exceeding £2,500, and their animal seized under the Road Races Act 1982.

‘Not only are owners putting their beloved animals at risk but the lives of motorists using the roads at this extremely busy period.

‘If you do not have a secure outside area for your animals please ensure they are housed inside, with adequate access to food and water and exercised under strict control.’

For further advice or help, or if you have any concerns contact the ManxSPCA on 851672.

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