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Where the Silverburn meets the harbour in Castletown

Where the Silverburn meets the harbour in Castletown

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A plan to create a wildlife habitat and viewing platform where the Silverburn river meets Castletown harbour has the support of the local authority.

The plan (14/00894/B) by the Department of Infrastructure is for the reclamation of the river bank along the Qualtrough’s Yard side of Silverburn river, the creation of two mid-channel islands to be used as habitat for wildlife, and the construction of a viewing platform on the Victoria Road side leading to a riverside walkway.

Commissioner Colin Leather said this month: ‘If there are two islands it will reduce the area for water.’

Alwyn Collister said: ‘There should be controllable valves put in; while the lake is drained, they should be fitted into pipes.

Town MHK Richard Ronan has been instrumental in drawing up the plan.

He said: ‘The lake is in a bad state and has been for quite some time, it is in desperate need of dredging, but the main reason for doing it is it needs to be used again by the people ... with geese and wildlife it has been over run by them.

‘There will be two islands and the wildlife will migrate to them, rock armour on the banks will make it difficult for them to get up there leaving the seating free for people.

‘This is one of the main gateways to the town, it is a mess. I’m hopeful within a few months we will get this work under way.’

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