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David Cretney

David Cretney

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RESULTS from a government parking survey show Douglas has the highest demand for parking spaces, followed by Peel, Castletown and Ramsey.

The survey, conducted by the Department of Infrastructure, also found a majority of people in favour of some sort of reliable, economic park and ride scheme.

Other contentious issues focused on large commercial vehicles parked in residential areas and the need for better policing and enforcement of parking restrictions.

Respondents thought premium street parking should be restricted to short periods but accepted disabled parking provision was sufficient.

Thanking Tim Crookall MHK, former member with responsibility for properties who led the consultation, Infrastructure Minister David Cretney MHK said the results would be used to create a cost-effective parking policy which served public needs.

‘The response from all parties was excellent, with a wide range of views and opinions expressed,’ he said.

‘Developing additional car parking has cost implications and the constructive responses along with an ongoing programme of detailed parking surveys will help target this investment to the areas of greatest demand.’

Before finalising its policy the department intends to consult local authorities about parking provision and areas to accommodate large vehicles.

After consultation last June on large vehicles parked in residential areas, the department has been working with police, and local authorities on how to encourage neighbourly parking.

The viability of park and ride schemes and security for parked vehicles left behind are also being assessed with the Department of Community, Culture and Leisure.

As development in towns continues, it was accepted multi-storey car parks could provide a solution in some areas, depending on suitable land being available in the right location.

People should be encouraged to use the bus rather than the car and to this end discussions are continuing with Bus Vannin.

The department needs to work with the island’s police to try to ensure parking restrictions are better enforced, ensuring fairness to those who pay and park correctly.

Research into the issue is to continue and a programme of parking demand surveys will be completed to cover needs in Douglas, Peel, Castletown and Ramsey.

A survey looking into the situation in Ramsey has already been completed and the Peel survey is scheduled to start in the near future.

Surveys considering the requirements of drivers in Douglas and Castletown will follow soon after.

Results from the various surveys already carried out can be found by logging onto the consultation website at

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