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The Viking burial at Ballateare will be re-enacted by a team from Oxford University and re-enactment group The Vikings of Mann.

Youngsters are invited to play a role in the event, taking place on Saturday at the Ardwhallan Viking Longhouse, from midday.

The Ballateare grave is one of the most spectacular Viking Age graves in the island.

It is dated to the late 9th or 10th century and held the remains of an adult man, buried in a coffin placed within a large grave-pit. The man was accompanied by weapons, including a sword, spears and a shield.

The funeral involved human and animal sacrifices.

In general, ritual acts in the Ballateare grave are a mix of Norwegian and Danish burial traditions.

But the presence of insular objects suggests the man had Irish connections.

The re-enactment will involve an archaeological reconstruction of what may have happened at the graveside.

The funeral will involve the deceased, the sacrificial thrall and the verse reciter.

Children will be invited to participate as musicians, mourners, pallbearers, warriors, slaves, torchbearers and gravediggers.

They can collect one hour of Children’s University learning for attending.

For more details call John Shakespeare on 481814 or email John@gatehousemanagement.com

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