Teen who bit and kicked police is spared prison

News from the courts

News from the courts

A teenager who bit and kicked police has narrowly avoided a prison sentence.

Jessica Freya Dallison had to be immobilised in leg restraints when she was arrested on September 5 by police who were following up a complaint about youths damaging cars.

An earlier court hearing heard the 17-year-old had greeted police with a torrent of abuse and aggression. When police tried to arrest her she hurled herself to the ground, kicking out at them.

Once in the van, she bit a police woman, kicked another and had to be subdued using Pava spray.

The fracas followed an earlier incident in April, when the teenager again clashed with police who were carrying out a 1am search at a property on York Road in Douglas.

When police tried to make an arrest, she stood in the way and pushed one of them, before following them out of the flat bombarding them with invective, and telling them: ‘You better watch out for your family when you go home to kiss your kids at night. They won’t be there in the morning.’

Dallison, of Glen Darragh Road, Marown, admitted two assaults on police in relation to the September incident and obstructing police in relation to the events in April.

However, reports on the teenager described her as ‘lovely’ in normal circumstances, when not intoxicated,

Defending her, Ian Kermode said Dallison was just 16 at the time of the first event in April and was drunk while it took place.

‘She intervened when she saw police trying to use Pava spray and stood between them and pushed his hand away. She accepts it was unnecessary and inappropriate,’ he said.

He said she was also drunk during the second incident. The bite was through clothing, leaving no mark and the kicks were minor in nature.

Sentencing her, Deputy High Bailiff Jayne Hughes said such offences would normally attract custody. She received two years’ probation and must pay £75 compensation to each of the two police officers. No costs order was made.

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