Teenager admits to three assaults on former girlfriend

News from the courts

News from the courts

A teenager from Union Mills has been convicted of three assaults on a former girlfriend.

Nathan Yates, of Main Road, pleaded guilty to the three counts of common assault on a female with six other similar charges being withdrawn.

Yates, who is 19, will be sentenced on November 24 after the preparation of a probation report.

Prosecutor Barry Swain handed in photographs of the victim, showing her injuries from the assaults.

Yates’ defence advocate Darren Taubitz submitted a basis of plea on behalf of his client in relation to the three separate assaults.

In the plea, Yates said that, on April 18 at 2am, he saw a message on his then-girlfriend’s phone saying: ‘I hope you have left Nathan’.

A row started between the couple during which Yates admitted holding the woman down. He admitted that he was responsible for any bruises caused.

On June 5, Yates said that he saw another message on the woman’s phone and became agitated.

He said that an argument had ensued during which he admitted he used excessive force, kicking her on the shin and pushing her to the floor.

Yates said that he had grabbed the woman but added that she had also hit him.

In a third incident, on June 30, Yates said in his plea that another row had started when the woman wanted to go to a party without him.

On this occasion, Yates admitted grabbing and pushing the woman, and kicking her shin with his bare foot.

Yates went on to say that, at the time of the incidents, he was suffering from depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Bail was granted in the sum of £500 with conditions that Yates lives at his mother’s home, does not contact the victim of his assaults and co-operates with probation and mental health services.

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