Ten year plan unveiled for cancer care

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A NEW plan to ensure the best deal possible for cancer patients in the Isle of Man was unveiled by Health Minister David Anderson on Friday.

The National Cancer Care Plan is a 10-year scheme outlining the care and service standards expected for patients and deals with all aspects of cancer services including prevention of cancer, screening and early detection, improving clinical outcomes, palliative care, and living with and beyond cancer, on a chapter by chapter basis.

Dr Parameswaran Kishore, director of public health and chairman of the group which developed the plan, said: ‘Cancer is an important health issue; it is projected that one in three people will develop cancer at some stage in their life. It is important that we offer the best treatment we can afford for our cancer patients so that our outcomes from cancer are equivalent to those of the best regions in the UK – the Cancer Plan is the way of achieving such outcomes.’

An Implementation Group has been set up, which includes members from the Department of Health, Department of Social Care, Hospice Isle of Man, cancer patients and charity representatives. The group is to produce an action plan to implement the plan across the island.

Each chapter of the plan outlines specific targets and objectives relating to such issues as cancer screening, palliative care, prevention and diagnosis and improving outcomes for patients.

Derek Peters, chairman of the Cancer User Forum, said: ‘This plan is a boost for cancer patients in the Isle of Man; it has been shaped by cancer patients and carers, who have made a significant contribution in the development of this important plan. I feel that this inclusive approach by the department has given real meaning to the expression ‘‘user-led’’ service.’

Health Minister David Anderson MHK, congratulated everyone involved in developing the plan.

‘I am delighted at the way this plan was produced; by involving cancer patients, carers and charities, we were able to gain a full spectrum of views that were fundamental in the creation of the plan. This provides a prime example of the principal approach of the department, that we take the views of patients very seriously and work with them to shape our services. I strongly recommend the Cancer Plan to everyone with an interest in this area,’ he said.

A copy of the Cancer Plan can be found at www.gov.im/health/services/Public_Health/Service_Improvement/strategies.xml

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