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UNIFIED: Heather Smallwood of the Department of Economic Development was given the task of creating a unified identity for the island

UNIFIED: Heather Smallwood of the Department of Economic Development was given the task of creating a unified identity for the island

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THE Isle of Man, Where You Can.

Six simple words which, for the vast majority, sum up the experience of living and working in the island.

Where You Can is a Department of Economic Development initiative, which creates a unified identity for our island.

It’s about showing the world how we manage to foster so much success and excellence across the board.

And it’s an initiative that goes hand in glove with the Isle of Man Awards for Excellence, in association with RBS International.

DED head of marketing Heather Smallwood said: ‘My brief was to create a unified identity for the Isle of Man and a common way of presenting all of our propositions across all of the different sectors.’

Given that the island supports in the region of 20 very diverse sectors, this was not an easy task. ‘We went right back to square one to look at what it was that hangs everything together,’ said Heather.

Using the branding work undertaken for the Freedom to Flourish initiative, Heather and her team came to the conclusion the commonality between achievement in all of the island’s sectors was the principle that the Isle of Man is a place that fosters success. Whether through ease of doing business with government or as a training ground for top class sportspeople, essentially the Isle of Man is a place ‘Where You Can’ achieve your goals.

Where else with a population of 80,000 would you find space, film and finance industries, as well as a sporting infrastructure able to produce one of the greatest Tour de France cyclists of all time?

‘The concept lends itself to everything we do,’ said Heather. ‘It underpins what the Isle of Man is about. It’s not just the can do economy, it’s the can do culture.’

The Where You Can initiative is becoming increasingly visible, whether through its website (, its literature or word of mouth.

A business briefing took place in May this year and the intention is to have all sectors briefed and provided with Where You Can material to display and highlight to their customers and business partners.

In addition to the general Isle of Man information, many sectors already their own sector specific pack, containing vital information about how business is done in that area in the Isle of Man.

And organisations and individuals can register to receive a newsletter to keep them, and their partners, updated by registering to receive it on the homepage of

‘The more we represent a co-ordinated approach the bigger our impact and recognition in the market will be,’ said Heather.

This year’s Awards will be held at the Villa Marina, Douglas, on November 15. Application forms are available at If you would like to find out more about what entering can do for you, contact Trudi Williamson ( or Sarah Radcliffe ( or 695695 for more information.

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