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This website is usually at its most popular during TT week and this year seems to have been no exception.

The most-read story was one we had permanently at the top of the page during the festival, which reported the very latest for the races and linked to other stories, such as lap reports.

Every week, we upload around 150 stories to That figure includes news, sport, business and columns.

The number of views for stories for the week of June 1 to 7 were:

1. TT 2014: Live news 28,939

2. Competitor dies after accident 19,808

3. Conditions of injured TT competitors 18,281

4. Second competitor dies at TT in 24 hours 9,556

5. Motorcyclist dies after three-vehicle collision 7,276

6. Police find wanted man 6,510

7. Fenella beach row carries on as car park fills up} 4,713

8. Man to appear in court after Ballaugh incident 4,182

9. Manannan to operate on reduced power for the rest of the TT period 3,609

10. Injured TT fan is being treated in the UK} 3,382

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