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Every week around 150 stories (news, business, what’s on and sport) are uploaded to the island’s top news website.

The island’s top news website’s top 10 stories last week (July 13 to 19) were:

1. 800 foreign nationals apply to live in Isle of Man 4,383

2. Three burglaries on the same road 4,299

3. Isle of Man road tax costs more than UK 3,650

4. Manx to break from English education system 3,150

5. No to seasonal shop for Tesco 3,011

6. Pub extension would lead to too much noise 1,896

7. Which was will the pendulum swing over VAT revenue? 1,791

8. Government job and pay rise for Zac Hall 1,780

9. New commissioner committed to preserving Manx culture 1,717

10. Manx SPCA is running out of money 1,683

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