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The most-read story on last week was a report about a rough crossing on the Manannan.

Reports on the Steam Packet are usually well-read.

In the top 10 last week, there were three, although one was the promotion story for the Manx Independent.

Meanwhile, the Examiner’s revelation that some hospital porters earn more than some qualified nurses provoked a strong reaction on the promotion story for the paper.

The top ten reports for the week of August 10 to 16 were:

Passengers relive ferry journey in stormy seas. 4,674

Revealed by this week’s Examiner: Porters earn more than nurses 4,600

Sport mourns tragic loss of all-rounder Kate Burge 3,883

Passengers tell Manx Independent about ordeal on rough crossing 3,865

Setback for Steam Packet as repairs to Manannan take longer than anticipated 3,450

Residents’ opposition to campsite and motorhome plan 2,461

{|Fire at Port Jack} 2,394

£90k plan to restore river bank and create a haven for wildlife 2,355

Prom revamp lost us money says cafe owner 2,027

Use it or lose it warning over London City air route 2,003

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