The most-viewed reports on this website last week



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The most-viewed stories on last week were:

1. Teenager killed in road accident 8,910

2. Police inquiries continue after death of 17-year-old in road accident 8,180

3. Steam Packet hits back at ‘atrocious’ behaviour of some passengers 7,040.

4. Serious crash at the Hope 5,092

5. Manannan now on her way to Douglas after engineers solve technical problems 4,893

6. Motorcyclist dies at scene 4,160

7. War memorial should not be in the form of a cross in case it excludes some people 3,846

8. Senior Manx Grand Prix red flagged 3,668

9. Biggest mistake was rejecting Tesco store 3,565

10. Death in senior Manx Grand Prix 3,170

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