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The search for a missing man was the most-read report on this site last week.

The story, which was changed when he was fortunately found, was read by more than 6,000 people.

A further 2,221 people read the story when he was discovered.

Once again, the promotion stories for both the Isle of Man Examiner and the Manx Independent were in the top 10 most-read.

Around 150 stories are uploaded to every week. That includes news, sport and business reports.

1. Police searching for missing man 6,417

2. Manannan will be able to transport thousands more motorcycles 4,612

3. Driver and passenger trapped inside car 3,806

4. Douglas sea wall would cost £50m to replace 3,508

5. End of the space tourism dream? 3,419

6. Revealed the top earners paid by the Manx taxpayer 3,488

7. Examiner reveals the most highly-paid positions in the public sector 3,431

8. Kleinwort Benson quitting the island 3,034

9. Have you seen anyone with a surfeit of £2 coins? 2,474

10. Commissioners’ firmer stance on moving tenants to smaller homes 2,370

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