The new 24: Who’ll be sitting in the House of Keys

They'll be sitting here on July 5

They'll be sitting here on July 5

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The Isle of Man has a new House of Keys.

The 24 are:

ARBORY, CASTLETOWN AND MALEW: Jason Moorhouse and Graham Cregeen

AYRE AND MICHAEL: Tim Baker and Alfred Cannan

DOUGLAS CENTRAL: Chris Thomas and Ann Corlett

DOUGLAS SOUTH: Kate Beecroft and Bill Malarkey

DOUGLAS EAST: Clare Bettison and Chris Robertshaw

DOUGLAS NORTH: David Ashford and Ralph Peake

GARFF: Martyn Perkins and Daphne Caine

GLENFABA AND PEEL: Ray Harmer and Geoffrey Boot

MIDDLE: Bill Shimmins and Howard Quayle

ONCHAN: Rob Callister and Julie Edge

RAMSEY: Alex Allinson and Lawrie Hooper

RUSHEN: Juan Watterson and Laurence Skelly

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