The number out of work in the island drops by 85

Fewer are looking for work

Fewer are looking for work

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The number of people out of work in the Isle of Man has fallen.

Figures released by the government today show that there were 1,061 people out of work at the end of March.

Compared with a month earlier, that’s a drop of 85.

During the month, 144 people signed on while 229 signed off.

At the end of the month there were 354 vacancies at the Job Centre. However, most of those vacancies were in areas which need qualifications, such as healthcare, teaching and engineering.

In contrast there were 65 people who have been employed as unskilled construction workers looking for work, while only three jobs were notified in that area during the month. A total of 261 of the people out of work have never had a job.

The unemployment rate in the island is 2.4 per cent. That compares with 7.2 per cent in the UK, 11.8 in the Republic of Ireland, 5.1 per cent in Germany, 6.7 in the USA and 25.6 in Spain.

The Manx figure includes 35 people who are signing for credits only but not claiming benefits.

In March 2003 there were 293 people out of work in the island. That compares with 1,195 for the same month in 1996 and 2,368 in 1986.

What’s it like to be out of work in the Isle of Man? One man tells us his story here.

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